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Agricultural & Rural Development
  • Land resources appraisal and use
  • Water resources appraisal and use, Physical infrastructure
  • Crop production
  • Livestock service
  • Forestry
The commitment of LEVERAGE to agriculture and rural development has been shaped by the recognition of the benefits and opportunities for learning through utilization and sharing of varied practical development experiences of developing countries. Often, there is almost unavoidable tendency to employ advanced country standards in the adoption of development strategies for developing countries. Such practice could be self-defeating. Developing countries differ greatly from developed countries in resources and structure. The attitude of their people likewise requires deep understanding to be able to appreciate the unique characteristics and dimensions of their development issues and problems.

LEVERAGE seeks to strengthen local capability for the organization and selection of appropriate development paths. It provides assistance in the development of relevant and effective policies and programs. It analyzes how policy and program choices can affect future development conditions. Nearly thirty professionals and policy makers from several disciplines have been drawn directly into Leverage International (Consultants), Inc. to direct their efforts towards agricultural research and development activities. Together, they enable the company to focus on four major aspects - policy, technology, practical rural development approaches and institution-building in the fields of livestock development, fisheries and aquaculture, crop production, forestry and agricultural education.

LEVERAGE likewise maintains technical cooperation and association arrangements with other leading consulting firms; universities, educational, training and extension centers; and research institutes, both local and foreign. This way, the company is able to promote a systematic exchange of expertise, information and facilities for effective translation of needs of developing countries into specific action programs.

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