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Educational systems in developing countries continually have to cope up with the complex issues of equity, efficiency, matching the formation of skills with development needs, educational management and planning. The need is not simply for defining appropriate policies designed to deal with these issues. There is need to link these policies with social and human welfare considerations - employment, income distribution, access to minimal public services, nutrition - in short, to economic development.

The involvement of LEVERAGE in the education sector reflects an increasing concern for problems and needs of the Third World. There is recognition for the need to improve the well-being of the low-income groups through increased productivity and employment and better income distribution. The most valuable service the company can render its clients is to assist them in the assessment of their problems and help develop the solutions to these problems.

LEVERAGE has recognized that the more critical problems have been and continue to be: (1) to formulate educational strategies which conform to the setting in which they are to be implemented; (ii) to concretize these strategies into specific programs and action plans in a manner which can be clearly understood and therefore accepted by policy makers and decision makers; and (iii) to incorporate social objectives into educational strategies which are relevant to specific country settings.

LEVERAGE has developed a broad range of professional expertise to address the requirements of educational and vocational training institutions. Its available services extend from project preparation and appraisal through curriculum development and teacher training to educational management and planning on through commissioning of programs. In all its projects, LEVERAGE considers carefully the social and human aspects of education and training which provide the foundation for constructive growth.

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