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Over the past 30 years, the population of developing countries have grown at almost twice the rate of those in the developed countries. As a result, a number of their people have caught up with high infant mortality, low life expectancy, disease, malnutrition and illiteracy. High population growth creates difficulties in managing economic and social changes, including the balancing of the fruits of economic development efforts.

Governments of the Third World have recognized that economic development is measured not only in terms of economic indicators such as income distribution but also by the quality of life of its people. Health and nutrition reduce the presence of diseases which stand on the way of social and economic development. Health and nutrition also improve learning ability and labor productivity.

LEVERAGE's consultants have the experience and familiarity to assist developing countries design and improve the management of their national health systems and population policy programs. The company has been involved in the national primary health care program.

In view of the limited management capability of many developing countries, LEVERAGE has focused on the development of cost-efficient models of health care delivery. Through its research and evaluation activities, it has addressed key issues involving population and health services.

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