About Us


Leverage International (Consultants) Inc. is a Philippine consultancy company organized in 1975. It provides a comprehensive range of research, planning, technical management and marketing services to public and private sector organizations.

The firm is managed by former Philippine Board of Investments (BOI) managers who played key roles in developing Philippine industrial and investment programs. Together, they brought to the company their individual track records in government planning and project evaluation services and their operational experience of over 80 years in industry. Some of the company's key principals have also been very active in the field of management education through the Asian Institute of Management.

LEVERAGE maintains a policy of providing complete consultancy services using its permanent staff, whenever possible, but working agreements are maintained with a number of local and overseas consultants for the provision of specialist supplementary services, where required. LEVERAGE is currently associated with well-known specialist organizations based in the Asia Pacific Region, North America and Europe in the fields of technology data banking, technical consultancy services, transport consulting, engineering services, economics and finance.

It is because of this wealth of expertise that LEVERAGE can easily form fully-integrated multi-disciplinary teams under the control of a project management unit headed by a LEVERAGE director, to take full responsibility for large capital investment projects on behalf of a client. Leverage has been in the business of assisting foreign investors in Asia during the past twenty five years. It has assisted foreign companies to set up their fully-owned subsidiaries, joint venture projects, regional offices, representative offices, licensees, distributors, sub-contractors, etc.