We provide an array of services catering to your business needs.

Our Services

Organizing of Conferences and Exhibits

Recognizing that trade fairs and exhibitions are effective conduits for international trade, investments and technology transfer, Leverage has maintained strategic business partnerships with international exhibition organizers in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Italy, Germany and Japan.

Leverage has been involved in exhibition organizing in Europe in collaboration with very large international organizers: the Blenheim Exhibition Group, the Miller Freeman Group, Reed Exhibitions Group and Leipziger Messe. In the Philippines, Leverage is the organizer of the POWERTRENDS series of exhibitions and conferences held every two years for the Department of Energy since 1995, and the PROTECT series of exhibitions and conferences launched in 2005 for the Anti-Terrorism Task Force, Office of the President.

Management Services

Consultancy services include the evaluation of existing corporate strategy and the formulation of a new corporate strategy based on an optimal matching of corporate competence and resources within environmental opportunities. If required by the client, the engagement can extend to implementation of the new corporate strategy with actual general management of the company under a management contract.

Our services include:

- Strategy Consulting

- Facilities Management

Export Development

Knowledge of market constraints and potential is vital in preparing to market a new product or to penetrate a new market. The price structure the market will accept and whether or not a client can profitably produce at that price, as well as the adaptability of the product to the target market, are questions of basic importance in the development of new products and new markets. Market price, production cost, characteristics of the product, physical distribution expense and resulting profitability are all inter-related in export development. These considerations span many professional disciplines and thus comprise a natural area where our objective and team approach to problem solving can benefit our clients.

Project Planning

LEVERAGE's Project Planning capabilities provide specialist skills for major strategic decisions and advices on the introduction of practical strategic planning procedures. Planning is a way of handling future uncertainties, and with the accelerating pace of change in our society, systematic methods of planning the future of a project are increasingly necessary. Project planning helps to achieve the project's objectives within its formulated strategy, covering projects, markets, finance, organization, manpower, technology, facilities and acquisitions.

Project Development

LEVERAGE's consultants are experienced in developing for their clients projects and organization structures that make sense in terms of both the formulated corporate strategy and the available human resources. A sound, forward-looking and dynamic organizational structure recognizes, for instance, various product market segments, and this approach requires the support of specialist consultants within LEVERAGE.

Another important phase of project development is seeing the development of the project from conception to its full implementation. Engineers and technical consultants within LEVERAGE are fully qualified to supervise the setting up of projects from conceptualization all the way to construction and full operation.

Project Promotion

More and more, investors are recognizing the value of pooling both local and foreign resources and skills. The local investor's keen knowledge of local market situations and local business and work conditions, for instance, combined with the foreign investor's expertise in international marketing, his technical expertise in production and his financial resources, provide the ideal ingredients for a successful joint venture. LEVERAGE's consultants have, over the years, built up their capability to pinpoint joint venture partners for their clients, both foreign and local. This capability is backed up by several years of experience both in the Board of Investments and in the private business sector.