After 2 years of Covid 19 pandemic, POWERTRENDS is back.

POWERTRENDS is the only regular international exhibition with Business Forum organized in collaboration with the Philippines Department of Energy since 1995.

POWERTRENDS 2023 marks many milestones:

  • it is the first year of a newly-elected government

  • it marks the tail end of Covid 19 pandemic

  • it marks the 25th anniversary of POWERTRENDS

The Covid 19 pandemic and global developments during the past 2 years raised awareness for critical issues significant to the energy system. POWERTRENDS 2023 will address these in the exhibition and in the International Business Forum.

New focus will be introduced for Oil and gas, Electrical components and semiconductors, Power and electric efficiency and demand side management, Energy storage and battery technologies, Telecommunications, Data centers, and Nuclear Energy.

Developments during the recent years showed more strongly the urgency to pursue Net Zero in response to the increasingly evident Climate Change. POWERTRENDS will showcase the latest technology innovations and convergence of solutions to support the drive of the country to increase the share of Renewable Energy to its total energy source. The exhibits will show continued focus on Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro, and Geothermal energy.

The pandemic served to advance the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies to more segments of the economy and society. Such developments impact not only the production, and transmission of energy but also the volume, distribution and manner of utilization of utilities and its applications. This will be a New Highlight of POWERTRENDS 2023 - How IOT, Cobots, Smart grids, Smart factories, Electric vehicles etc. are now part of the Energy family.

The exhibition will be strongly complemented by an international Business Forum - a high-level gathering of top government officials of energy and energy-related departments, together with senior officials of local and international energy players. Here, they will address how best to fulfill the energy demands of the country's rapidly developing population and target economic growth.

POWERTRENDS 2023 will be our Grand Celebration of our 25th Anniversary and Partnership with our Department of Energy through all the years of ups and downs of our economy and of the world.

POWERTRENDS will bring end-to-end power and energy solutions to the Philippines.


PROTECT series

PROTECT is an international conference and exhibition on Security and Safety which Leverage International (Consultants) Inc. organizes every year.

Launched in 2005 with the Anti-Terrorism Council, the PROTECT series is the only government-private sector partnership in the Philippines devoted to security and safety. It consists of a high level conference and an international exhibition.


ASEAN Energy Business Forum

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